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My #1 skill is a super human ability to figure things out and connect the dots.

Who is Kyle From Ohio?

Kyle Anderson a.k.a. "Kyle From Ohio" has been designing, building, marketing, and managing websites and web applications for 20 years. He worked for the largest domain name registrar in the world, Godaddy.com. He helped build a multi-million dollar SEO firm. His web hosting platform at it’s peak, hosted over 8000 websites. He built search engine analytic systems that extracted data daily from Google, Yahoo, and Bing for 100s of clients. He worked for McMurry/TMG (now Manifest), one of the largest content marketing and digital agency firms in the world. He managed systems that housed over 600+ websites including those of major Fortune 500 companies. Now, Kyle works on small business projects and startups as a freelancer. Since 2014, Kyle has built, from the ground up, many web/app/SAAS projects and continues to manage infrastructure for his clients.

Studied Art at The Ohio State University
Worked at Godaddy.com
Worked at Search Toppers
Worked at Manifest
Started Freelancing

What Can I Do For You?

I work on projects in a number of technical avenues. Web Development (and a little bit of design). Devops and Engineering. On-call services. Consulting and Project Management. Cryptocurrency related projects (mining and node operations). Analytic/Reporting/Monitoring/Backup systems. Automation is my goal. Technical Documentation for busy clients. I am sure I am missing something. Need something built, fixed, improved, optimized, analyzed, torn apart or re-built? Contact me.

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Kyle "From Ohio"

Slow Travelin', USA.